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In Korean dramas, women are often weak and pitiful. They can't take care of themselves and constantly need a man to come to their rescue.

I think its about time to change celebrate the ladies that DON'T need a man's help!

Go Eun-chan (Coffee Prince)

She's a hard worker who is juggling a billion part time jobs to support her family. She takes a job at a coffee shop because she wants to help her loved ones and she's not going to let anyone stand in her way.
Even throughout the drama she's tough and doesn't let anyone push her around. She's true to herself and is just plain awesome.

Gil Ra-im (Secret Garden)

First off, she's a stunt woman so you know she's tough. She doesn't require any help from anyone and never lets anyone baby her. She's by far one of my favorite female leads ever!

So who is your favorite female lead? Make your own card about it!

Do you think women are too weak in K-dramas or are dramas getting better at making the ladies as awesome as they should be?!

I think lady characters are starting to get better from what they were so that's encouraging!
Korean dramas are definitely getting better at incorporating strong women leads in the plot! I've seen so many just in the last week! It's really refreshing and empowering. Although some of them might still be a little controversial in a certain way. For example Kim Hye Jin in 'She Was Pretty' is portrayed as a woman who is true to herself, strong, and determined, BUT it was a little disappointing that she had to cover up her true self with make up and changing her natural hair just to be accepted into society. But it didn't bother that much because it interprets real life, and I can really relate to it :)
You know what drives me crazy about the women in the dramas? When they start off strong and independent at the beginning, but end up helpless and submissive after they connect with their love interest! Okay, now after fussing about that. ..I do have one perfect character in mind for a card!
@kpopandkimchi True, but every strong girl has a breaking point, or at times when they become weak. Its not just girls, but guys as well
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