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There are people like me, who are really, really into the Fallout series. I've spent countless hours on my phone before bed, reading the Fallout wikia and the timeline of events. I've overtly expressed how much I love the world of Fallout and how I'd live there, I've spoiled bits and pieces of the new game that'll be out tomorrow, twice. I can't get enough of it.
But then there are people like Thorhack (this is their YouTube username) who really love Fallout. Last week, he released a video of his Custom Made Fallout 4 themed Xbox One and it is so beautiful, you guys, I can't get over it.
In the video above he gives an in depth look at his modifications. And I've got to say it looks really great. It's obvious that Thorhack put a lot of effort into modding his Xbox One to fit the theme and world of Fallout 4. It's a looks so rusty that it might give you tetanus, he shows off how he can make emit a green light which -- as he says -- makes it look like it's giving of radiation.
There's something to be said about the dedication that Thorhack shows towards a franchise he really loves. It's actually something that I look up to. I wish that I had the talent and skill to do what he did just so I can further the [buzzword incoming] immersion I feel while playing the game.
If I was to go the extra mile and create something, it would probably lean more towards the cosplay side of things (armored vault suit, anyone?) instead of making my system look entirely different. I still love this custom job, though. Below I left another picture of the Xbox in all its glory for you to enjoy.