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106-Year-Old Woman Never Missed a Voting Day
Donella Wilson, a 106 year old woman says she's never, ever missed voting since she was first able to. "[It's] an opportunity you didn’t have before to have a part in the government," said Wilson.
"People fought a long time in the '20s, '30s and '40s until they got the first time for blacks to vote... so that’s why it’s so important to her that all the new generation, like you, coming along should understand that we had to fight so hard for it" said Donella Wilson's daughter, Minnie Wilson.
Though she Donella most of the time these days because of her old age, she makes sure to have energy to go out and vote. She even said, "after I'm gone my spirit will still be voting."
Now that's the voting spirit if I ever heard of it.
Vingle Election Voting Day is coming up folks... this Friday the 13th. Let's get hyped for the Vingle elections shall we?!

Let's be like this lady and VOTE LIKE CRAZY... Tag a friend that you'll bring to vote in the elections.

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@Straightshooter what a nightmare!!!! I have a friend form Baltimore and she's told me some horror stories. So many people losing their homes and livelihoods. She told me a lot when the riots were going on and I have to say, I feel like I really sympathized with people. It sounds like it's going to take ages for the local economy to recover
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@shannonl5 I agree and you would be correct to believe that, but thankfully the man we elected govenor, Govenor Larry Hogan, has already made good on A LOT of his promises. He promised to lower the tolls back to their original numbers. He is currently tackling the issue with the school boards on fixing their budgets as well as trying to get this ridiculous rain tax appealed. But, it hasn't been without a fight. The moronic memebers of the maryland house and senate are fighting him at every turn they can. The people see it and Ive already heard of a few of the people I know said that their time is next when theyre up for reelection. That aside the issue with the city riots was awful. I watched as my city burned because of the careless and ridiculous mayor thats following in O'Malleys footsteps. She told the police to stand down and even ag the peak of the riots refused to call the govenor to get help. He eventually had to step over her to do her job for her. My mother works for the Va hospital in downtown baltimore and she was driving by stores as they were being looted and burned down. I love my city, its rich history, its sports teams, and generally speaking the people are very loving and kind....but the fools keep electing the same kind of people into office again and again expecting different results and get the same BS. Theyve voted for these idiotic far-left liberals for the last 80+ years and nothing is changing except for the gang leaders. By day its a beautiful place, but at night I feel bad for the cops who have to patrol the "bad" neighborhoods because they cant do their jobs properly because the mayor doesnt have their backs.
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that pun tho.
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@nicolejb if they aren't educated they shouldn't be aloud to vote. :/ that's something that should happen.
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yes..inspired me too. I never miss it is your power. I will encourage my kids too
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