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Donella Wilson, a 106 year old woman says she's never, ever missed voting since she was first able to. "[It's] an opportunity you didn’t have before to have a part in the government," said Wilson.
"People fought a long time in the '20s, '30s and '40s until they got the first time for blacks to vote... so that’s why it’s so important to her that all the new generation, like you, coming along should understand that we had to fight so hard for it" said Donella Wilson's daughter, Minnie Wilson.
Though she Donella most of the time these days because of her old age, she makes sure to have energy to go out and vote. She even said, "after I'm gone my spirit will still be voting."
Now that's the voting spirit if I ever heard of it.
Vingle Election Voting Day is coming up folks... this Friday the 13th. Let's get hyped for the Vingle elections shall we?!

Let's be like this lady and VOTE LIKE CRAZY... Tag a friend that you'll bring to vote in the elections.

I hope more people are inspired by her example!!! I know local elections aren't always as exciting as the major ones but they're just as (if not more) important!
WOOO! Go Voters & that AWESOME old devoted woman :D
@shannonl5 #goals! !! xD
Wow truly inspirational that's for sure :`)
Hahaha YES @Luci546 #OldLadyGoals are voting in every election until I die :D
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