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Ryan Coogler's (Fruitvale Station) Creed is coming out soon and 7 short clips (that total about 5 minutes) have just been released online. It doesn't really reveal anything that we haven't already seen in the trailers that have been released previously. Which is fine because the footage that was released accomplishes something much different. It gives us a taste of Coogler's directorial sense in the Rocky universe.
I really enjoyed all of the clips that Collider had posted online. I've always been a big fan of the Rocky movies. And that's totally my mother's fault because she dragged me out of my room and off the Nintendo when I was younger to watch a couple of the Rocky movies when they were on television or when we had a spare couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.
Usually, the Rocky movies aren't known for the way they're filmed and through some of this footage, I feel like Coogler is going to change that stigma. The way he slowly moves the camera through the quiet moments adds to the tension of the scene. And even though we only get a few seconds of actual boxing, I like the way Coogler swings the camera around slow while Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) is sitting in his corner breathing hard while Rocky is talking to him fast. The juxtaposition of the movement of the characters and the movement of the camera makes us focus on what's happening on screen. It's a somewhat subtle technique but it works so well.
There's also the fact of the acting throughout these scenes. I usually, love making fun of Stallone and how he's always in these movies where things are exploding and he's doing things that are crazy for his age but end up falling in that so bad it's good category. But in Creed and Rocky Balboa before it, he's playing an old, beaten down man. And it really comes through here. His performance in those two movies feel a little more real, more raw. And it's something that I'm really excited to see when the full feature comes out.
Creed will be in theaters on November 25th, 2015.
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Can't wait. "Time is undefeated." That was mad deep.