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It's Monday Marvelers!!!

Which means it's time for another hilarious Mad Lib! We had an awesome time last week with Spider-Man, and I took your suggestions and added a few of our favorite characters to this one!
If you haven't played this game with us before, that's okay! It works like any other Mad Lib. I'll give you a list of words I need to complete a totally hilarious story, and on Friday I'll reveal what you've concocted. Sounds awesome right?

Here's what this mad lib needs:

1. animal
2. job
3. adjective
4. body part
5. adjective
6. noun
7. noun
8. adjective
9. adjective
10. noun
11. animal
12. past tense verb
13. adjective
14. past tense verb
15. noun
16. past tense verb
17. weapon
18. past tense verb
19. food
20. adjective
You can do just a couple or all twenty! Leave them in the comments below and I'll add them to the story!
If you weren't tagged feel free to join in as well! And let me know so I can add you to the group!
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zorse tax filer corny kidney talkative donuts hummingbird colorful flamboyant blanket emu had asinine killed tenacious rolling pin hated gullitine mated prescado rascist
@shannonl5 I'm glad I was able to help lol
@DarthRevan lol me too I love yours ^_^ @DanaMichelle omg these are awesome lol this one is gonna be so funny
1. Monkey 2. Zoo keeper 3. Lumpy 4. Boobies 5. Purple 6. Merica! 7. Spain 8. Sexy 9. Painful 10. Hulk 11. Racoon 12. Rolled 13. Heavy 14. Passed 15. Africa 16. Ate 17. Spoons 18. Slapped 19. Pocky 20. Happy
@trin1991 omg your # 6