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I believe this 100% because you truly make your life what you will of it! I wasn't always like this and with all the pain came a lot of growing and with that you feel like you owe it to yourself. This is what we call a word of balance without it nothing will feel right.
This is beautiful. not only do you make who you are but who you are is shown all around you, so if you want good people then be one of the good people but if your heart lies in a darker path maybe this is a door to the light. :) Don't be who you don't wan to be.
What an great way to show your happiness by just being you. This totally supports "Believe in yourself" post and why is because you just doing what you do everyday, showing faith and believe is like a plague when given the right way. like a smile or when your shy and look away or jump over your words. your Dreams is the sky your car of Faith drives and provides the believe you need. so all in all make your dreams come true for yourself because in the end you can make yourself as you would see yourself.
No really it can be! and I say this because words can actually hurt people, help people, etc Words alone are power, How do you think the President is president? winning your votes with words right? arguments can lead to harm in the mind and body. Feelings are important and respecting them is a big deal so if your upset with someone just be silent, will they? probability not but in the end at least you know you didn't hurt them with things you know you wanted to say but didn't. they may not know how fragile feeling can be, so try and be a light for them.
I honestly have no better words to describe this but what's already there...
Treat those how you treat yourself :3
NARUTO!!! If you don't know him I feel a little sad for you and if your one to hate I feel even worse because if anyone knows strength by heart it would be this guy. He's been threw so much emotional abuse that I'm happy he came out to one of the rare people who used weakness as a tool for greatness in yourself. He's always telling people to believe and believe in him because that's all he needs. Everything he says when he's trying to help people or show them his pain. He's amazing :3
@AlloBaber YES! Naruto is even more inspiring then me. I hope you like it its a perfect anime in my eyes.
the man this got me... made me cry cause it's so true
yes I m agree
I'll give it a try! :D
I completely agree 100%
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