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#1 Jung Dae Hyun 정대현 from: B.A.P too excited for their comeback He has such an angelic voice. He's good looking. And you know he is my ideal guy i love everything about him ❤
#2 Suga (Min Yoong Gi) 슈가 (민융기) from: BTS This guy here just makes me go crazy especially that gummy smile. His rap is just amazing
#3 Mark Tuan 마크 from: GOT7 When he smiles, winks, and i hear his deep voice i just die. I swear he is SEXY!!! I can't control myself. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ. Oh ansd when he is with coco i just sqeal
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OMG SUGA! I am so so so head over heels in love with Suga! Mark was my first GOT7 bias but then Bambam came out of nowhere this comeback and wrecked my list!