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Ok, I'm obsessed with Adele's new song "Hello" just like the rest of the world. But with a new perfect song, comes a variety of overs. And this one stands out to me the most.
Because you can not only hear the emotion.... you can feel and SEE it.
The emotion portrayed by the interpreter Molly Lou Bartholomew is just incredible. The first time I watched this I cried...yes even more than watching Adele's original video.
@Cereal03 could do a cover of this and I would be crying too.

Watch the Full Video Below!

If I could sum up for how I feel after seeing this it would probably be "heartbroken." Though the sign language version of "heartbroken" would be even more appropriate.

This one is for all the ladies that inspire me :) @ButterflyBlu @MooshieBay @RaquelArredondo @MissB82 @LizArnone
Lol. No need to shut your ASL educated mouth! I really enjoy hearing about it! I think you are probably so right about the community! They seems really tight, so trust is EXTREMELY important to them. And I wouldn't blame them if a client is awful!
*this is
@nicolejb is signed in excat English not in ASL. There are many different versions of ASL within the English language. However this is signed exact English like how and I speak. There's really nothing wrong with signing in English it is just most Deaf people can't speak English, because it's not their first language. Or they only understand ASL which in the words: the, and, is are deleted from the language. That's obvious to anybody who knows sign language well.
do you know how to sign heartbroken just curious. @nicolejb
lol I can I just gotta transfer it from English into ASL. you really have to seat down and understand the song first then you sign ✌ @nicolejb but yeah I can. I to sign the songs on the radio and the songs I listen too.
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