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Ok, I'm obsessed with Adele's new song "Hello" just like the rest of the world. But with a new perfect song, comes a variety of overs. And this one stands out to me the most.
Because you can not only hear the emotion.... you can feel and SEE it.
The emotion portrayed by the interpreter Molly Lou Bartholomew is just incredible. The first time I watched this I cried...yes even more than watching Adele's original video.
@Cereal03 could do a cover of this and I would be crying too.

Watch the Full Video Below!

If I could sum up for how I feel after seeing this it would probably be "heartbroken." Though the sign language version of "heartbroken" would be even more appropriate.

This one is for all the ladies that inspire me :) @ButterflyBlu @MooshieBay @RaquelArredondo @MissB82 @LizArnone
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I meant *bae earlier not be.
oh and one more thing Deaf people are very very very blunt. they get start to the point, that don't beat around the bush. they will openly ask you why you so fat? when are you going to lose the weight. or ask you how your divorce went? one last thing before I shut my ASL educating mouth up. The deaf community at hand might seem large and all but trust me when I say this that the deaf community knows each other so let's say that you are an interpreter that likes to blackmail their clients out of there money. your name gets spread across the community like wildfire and you will never work in the deaf community ever again.
Lol. No need to shut your ASL educated mouth! I really enjoy hearing about it! I think you are probably so right about the community! They seems really tight, so trust is EXTREMELY important to them. And I wouldn't blame them if a client is awful!
This is absolutely beautiful
Ugh I know it brought me to tears @MooshieBay