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A week from today our favorite tokis will be back :) And they're making an album for each member!!!!! Who are you guys looking forward to seeing the most/whose album will you buy? Personally, I think I'm gonna get Yongguk because he's my bias haha
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@ArmyofKookie haha nice XD
@ArmyofKookie thx XD idk why I felt the need to say that but OH WELL
@ArmyofKookie haha no it's cool, I wanted to know which ones people were getting, I got the Yongguk one haha couldn't resist
@ArmyofKookie chyeah~ it's gonna be great x3 I can't wait ugh!!! All the BABYs should post pictures of the albums they bought! <3
@ArmyofKookie that's a good idea :)