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Hey guys!

With all these cool new faces in our community, I feel like a lot of people are brand new to K-drama! I think it would be great if we came together and helped everybody jump into the fandom headfirst :D
I created this collection >>right here<< to be a good place to keep all of our drama recommendations!

Let's make this a community project!

How to help:

Make a card about YOUR TOP 3 FAVORITE DRAMAS


about the TOP 3 dramas new K-drama fans NEED to see!

Why 3?

Because a list of 5 or more might be a little scary to new K-drama fans who haven't fully entered the world of marathoning yet ;D
Be sure to tag me in the card so I can clip it to the collection.

Let's work together to help Vinglers get sucked into the K-drama fandom :D

What do you guys think!?

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I'll be looking at your recommendations so choose wisely! 😎 btw I already made my card last night. Half asleep but I made it lol Go check it out if you haven't already! 😊
omg shall do this after work tomorrow sounds soo funny but I have seen soo many >. <
It will be hard to choose my top three, but I'll do it.
Is the last gif from 'Playful Kiss' ?