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I already know that we all love the Winchester boys but I am curious, is anyone watching other sci-fi and or supernatural based shows? I placed a few in the pictures below.
Let me know fellow Winchesters and other Vinglers that want to contribute!
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@shannonl5 Salem is like that too if you decide to watch something that has to do with witch craft lol. You're an adult, I think you can handle it all.. If you ever watch Spartacus, this stuff is mild lol
@LAVONYORK lol gotcha. I've seen some of Spartacus, but I never caught up :( I think I just have to be in a certain mood for it
Lost Girl.... UH. lol I am in LOVE with Dyson. Talk about sexy werewolves. Taylor Lautner has NOTHING on this man. I freaked out when dude was a werewolf in the newest Underworld movie. lol
@AshelyJewell omg I forgot about Underworld but he was.... mmmmmmmmmm in that XD