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Yes I know Chelsea lost against Stoke City. Yes I know a lot of people want a new manager. Yes I know everyone is not satisfied with Diego Costa's performance.

But what about these dirty plays from Ryan Shawcross (Stoke City)?

Looks more like UFC than soccer to me. Just saying.

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thats how u handle Costa, got no sympathy dirtbag Costa.
2 years ago·Reply
@yaakattackk What about Shawcross then? I feel like he's an even dirtier player than Costa!
2 years ago·Reply
lol don't care fo Chelsea or stoke, jus enjoy watchin costa get a taste of his own medicine
2 years ago·Reply
@yaakattackk Ahh...all these Costa haters.
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah after he got one of our defenders sent off when he should've been sent off never been fan since then. good player but he needs to stop trying to get people sent off and jus focus of getting goals, cause now look whats happening he's getting manhandled.
2 years ago·Reply