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Before I get started. SPOILER ALERT!! This is the one and only warning I'll give. I myself, hate spoilers but unless you are caught up on the manga of One Piece, meaning you've read through issue number 806... Do not read ahead if you aren't!!!! You've been warned. Don't bitch me out if you read something you did not already know. And lastly, this may be more of a prediction in the future of One Piece more so than a theory. Regardless, I hope you enjoy. And comment your thoughts! (:
This theory shall be called the future of One Piece that Oda has in store for us, or in shorter terms; the 5 Anomalies of Sanji.
#1 Zoro is the vice captain of the Strawhats. He has given verbal approval of every new Strawhat that has joined the crew. Everyone EXCEPT for Sanji. Zoro was following Nami at the time of Luffy's proposal to Sanji to be their chef and join the crew.
#2 Every Strawhat's face has been seen to the entire public (from their bounty posters) except for Sanji's until just recently.. Which to be honest, it's still not a good shot of him..
#3 Every Strawhat has lost someone super important to them, again, except for Sanji... - Luffy "lost" Sabo, he lost Ace. 馃槶馃敟 - Zoro lost Kuina - Nami, Robin, and Usopp lost their mothers - Chopper lost Dr Hiluluk - Franky lost Tom - Brook lost his crew and captain And if you think about it, Sanji's backstory was super sad but he actually gained a nakama instead of losing one: Zeff
#4 Every Strawhat has left the crew once or, at least fought another crew member... Except for Sanji!!!! - Luffy almost killed Zoro in Chapter 112 - Nami and Robin both temporarily left the crew for family reasons and what not. - Usopp and Franky both fought Luffy to the death basically in the Water Seven arc. - Chopper had no choice but to leave the crew because of d-bag Foxy. - Brooks' shadow fought Zoro on Thriller Bark - and obviously, Luffy fought Luffy
#5 Every Strawhat has either a devil fruit ability or a weapon. - Zoro obviously has his 3 swords - Luffy, Chopper, and Robin and Brook all have devil fruit powers. - Nami has the clima tact - Usopp with his slingshot - Franky.. Let's be honest, he's a walking flipping weapon. Then there is Sanji, not only is he not a devil fruit user, he carries no weapon also and even on top of all of that. He limits himself to only using his legs and feet and refuses to use his hands in combat, stating a chef should not waste their hands on anything but cooking.
Oda is planning something spectacular. He's going to go deeper into the person that Sanji really is and he has to continue the pattern that I've just proved in this post. If Oda follows this pattern, it may be a bit before we see Sanji-kun again. :( Now the real theory... Sanji will get an actual bounty poster with an up to date picture of him or maybe the one of his that just came out was enough.. But one of his long lost relatives with recognize him or already has and has kidnapped him..?!!? No my opinion, I still think he has something to do with Big Mom and that's where he's at right now.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Please, I wanna hear your thoughts.
glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed lol
I watch and read One Piece heavily in detail and I would have never thought of this lol this is super accurate and something closely related to this is probably gonna happen
@JessReno np i know how it can get
@RodneyYoung thank you! I took my an hour to pit together and type out and find the right pics.. Haha.
@JessReno np it happens especially on long post but you make a pretty good point on your theory
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