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Working in a hotel is hard. Trust me, I know, I'm Crow and I do it everyday. I wake up every morning and tie my little red maintenance bandana (which is totally hard by the way because I don't have hands, I have wings and little feets) and go to work. And let me tell you, the hotel I work in, there's always something weird going on.
I fix the faulty toilets, the leaks that show up spontaneously, and I try my best to please the guests. I guess I do a little bit of everything, yeah, sure, I chirp and chirp at the things going wrong with the hotel and that seems to fix them but sometimes I think I need to do more than just chirp and chirp at them. Although, one of my friends said I had a pretty good singing voice.
Speaking of friends, I make a bunch of them on the job. Especially little Nugget Dog here. Nugget and I go way back. She's stayed at the hotel for as long as I can remember. On Wednesdays, I come over to her room and we have chocolate for dinner (just kidding, that'd be extremely irresponsible because she's deathly allergic to chocolate).
We usually have sushi or something, to be honest. And I think that's a good way to spend my night after a long day of hard work. You know, sometimes it gets really hard because I don't think I get the respect I deserve. I mean, the Cat Inspectors come in and geez louise, they're always on my case. You don't even know the half of it.
Not all of us are as clean or as snobby as cats you know. Nugget and I get along swimmingly (even though neither of us know how to swim, well Nugget says she knows how to swim but the last time I've seen her in a pool she kind of just paddles around in a circle until she makes it to the ladder. It's kind of cute, but I'd never tell her that though. It'd go right to her head, ha ha).
[Okay, so I have no idea what this game is about other than being about a crow who works in a hotel who sometimes does squats with dogs (have you seen the trailer above??). But it's one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time and sometimes my favorite games are the ones that extremely cute.
They're a welcome respite from shooting things with shooting tools and I like being able to look at cute things and feel like a kid again. It's one of the silliest looking things I've seen in a long time and I love it because it makes me smile. Everything about it makes me smile.
And isn't life about finding things that make you smile?]
You can download and play Crowtel here.
it's weird to have cat inspectors in a place called crowtel. you'd figure it's a bird-based consumer base
@VinMcCarthy, that was before the Birds-Cats-Are-Okay Act of 1972