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College is a time where everything changes. Aside from leaving home, learning new things and making new friends: your skin changes too. Hormones are shifting and that comes with some unwanted beauty woes. Here are your college beauty must-haves for when your skin looks just as bad as your test scores.

1. BB Cream

BB cream is the no makeup makeup look. This is for all you gals that want to have that, "I just rolled out of bed, put on my Victoria's Secret sweats and I look fabulous" thing going. My personal favorite BB cream is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter. It comes in a few different shades and blends in for a flawless and hydrated look, especially if your skin is crying from your night out.

2. Chapstick and Mascara

These two essentials work great together. I remember waking up late a lot of the time in school, and I pretty much never had time for a full make-up look. So, with that in mind, two things I always had on me were chapstick and mascara. After the BB cream application all you need for a seriously natural look is chapstick and mascara. The classic Chapstick brand is great, you can buy different ones for all occasions. I personally love the Cake Batter edition. It's really creamy and only needs one application.
As far as mascara goes, I am in LOVE with Tony Moly's new Mighty Atom mascara. It has this long brush that you can bend and shape according to what kind of lash length or volume you want. It's great for a minimal look because it's really malleable.

3. Bobby Pins

Do not leave the house without these suckers. They will come in handy when you have those long days that start at 7AM and don't conclude until the break of night. College classes never ever stop, and even though you're on the go, that doesn't mean your hair has to be too. Just keep them handy for when your curls start to fall or your pony isn't looking so fab. There are infinite hairstyles you can whip up if you've got the right tools.

4. Black nail polish

Okay, hear me out, I know you're not going to be doing your nails on the go, but this can really help you out if you're wearing black clothes, or expensive black shoes on a night out. You don't want to be stuck with a stain or a scuff. This is kind of a college girl life hack, I always had black nail polish in my bag on nights out, because more than likely I would spill on myself, or scuff my shoes and low and behold...I'd freak out. Partly because I was probably drinking heavily, and also because I love my clothes and shoes, so when something happens to them I get all upset. Just take the nail polish and paint the scuff away. Your Steve Madden combat boots will thank you. Or at least, mine did.
Plus if you chip your nails or screw up your manicure, you can just paint over it. It's lazy but effective.

5. All-Nighter Spray

This is perfect for you college gals who go straight from class to the bar. If you want your makeup to stay on all day you have to prep, and primp long after your application is through. Urban Decay all-nighter spray will do you justice long after 2AM when you're stumbling back to your dorm or apartment, college bungalow...whatever. You need this product, trust me. There are all kinds of sealing spray, but this one takes the cake, for me anyway.
They have three different formulations for each kind of skin type. The O.G. Long Lasting spray is my go-to, but my sister uses the De-Slick for oil control because she has combination skin. It's all in what kind of skin you need to prep!
What are your must haves!? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to follow Vingle Beauty Con: the place where all us fabulous Vinglers can talk about our beauty tips!
@amobigbang FLOSS I always forget that!
mine are powder, lipgloss, floss, lip balm, hand and face moisturizer.
I love flossing lol