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So my enlistment symptoms are geared towards my ultimate bias T.O.P. It finally hit me that he was about to enlist after his birthday and other VIPS brought it up and their comments at the concerts (like LA which I went to) and the recent MAMA awards where you could see it in all of them (especially GD) and him posting on Instagram about putting his art in storage, it got me thinking. I from experience and conversations with other fans in different fandoms have concluded the same symptoms for when we find out our oppas are enlisting are the same with grief. I took psychology and I just realized what I was going through when I started panicking because I was typing Choi into Instagram to check T.O.P's page but nothing came up so I started worrying and clicked his latest post (it was a false alarm his account is still there).
So this is my favorite video about it on Adult Swim. So I was wondering if I'm the only VIP, Charmer, or kpop/kdrama fan to go through some varying degree of these symptoms because 2 years is long and I'm not ready. ... 銋溿厹
@desesoray I feel like TOP will do better than we think. He's not as squeamish as Daesung and he's got some muscles, we just rarely get to see them. Besides, the military is going to put more muscles on him real quick. He's very charismatic and generally takes things in stride. My biggest hope is the relative peace between North and South Korea remains in place while our boys are serving their country. We're all going to waiting with baited breath for 5 years to see they make it out safely. @CSVIP
I was in the U.S. Army. Basic training is hard for everyone, especially in the beginning. But you get stronger and you learn how to avoid unnecessary scrutiny. TOP is smart. He'll figure it out quick. @desesoray
@helixx I don't know how Jaesuk made it lol but Daesung is built with nice muscles so hopefully that helps him out some lol maybe 馃槄. but T.O.P I feel bad cause he's never been one for too much physical activity 馃槙. WE V.I.Ps will be here cheering T.O.P on and wish for your safe return. FIGHTING!!! 馃榿馃榿馃榿
I hope big bang does that. I love all of them but I can't see T.O.P or Daesung being a bad a$$. thank you @helixx 馃榿
@kpopandkimchi what do u mean only 18 months and not 24?
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