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So my Vingle family head @kimchiandkpop suggested a list of dramas for our Vingle family getting into k-dramas and how to possibly start or shortcut them into that world. Here's my list of suggestions ..
For those making the transition and who are also in KPOP [especially EXO fans] .. this drama is short and sweet and gives you a good inside look at a different side of EXO
"It's Okay, That's Love" is another good one .. also feat. a member of EXO [not a bias thing, just coincidence] .. but if you've ever heard of Lee Kwang Soo, you'll definitely like this one .. [if you haven't heard of Kwang Soo-ssi, I suggest watching some episodes of RUNNING MAN]
"Emergency Couple" is another one I fell in love with. I watch a lot of Running Man and in turn, made me fall in love with Song Ji Hyo who is the lead female in the drama. Also, I have a slight interest in the medical field so this made the show pretty interesting .. it was like watching "Scrubs."
We were only supposed to mention 3, but I couldn't help but mention this one. If you are a fan of Rain [Ninja Assassin anyone?] and Krystal from f(x) then this should be a good one for you. Long story short, Krystal is trying to become a music producer and gm has to go through a hardships of a trainee in a company that Rain has been passed down to own. All I gotta say, is Krystal has this one part in the beginning where she sings and I seriously lost it, cheels man .. chilly feels fo'sho.
@kpopandkimchi [wth idk why I put your name backwards haha]
@ryanparriola hahahah i read it and lol'ed but i'll roll with it hahaha
Love your choices! I also included It's Okay That's Love in my list, so it is a must see definitely :) EXO Next Door, and also Dream Knights is in the same realm, is a great suggestion for those K-poppers wanting to transition. So fluffy and cute and a perfect gateway drama.
well good, I've found a play to chit chat back and forth with people who go fan crazy like I do .. daebak @kimchiandkpop !
@ryanparriola d'awww you guys are the ones starting the family! I'm just really chatty and want people to talk to hahahahah
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