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After a ruling on Friday, the court is now allowing Adnan Syed to present new evidence on his case. Adnan Syed is currently in prison with a life sentence for the murder of Hae Min Lee.
Essentially, after the argument that Syed was never given a fair trial, a judge in Baltimore has allowed lawyers to submit new evidence for the first time since his conviction.
This famous case came under spotlight in the popular podcast series called Serial.

Why are we obsessed with Serial?

Because it was a real crime drama that we could listen to. It was a real journalist revealing more and more evidence in this case.
It was smart, compelling, and really brilliant storytelling. That was real. It broke records as the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads on iTunes.

Why am I excited to see what happens?

Because this is an interesting case for journalism. One of the only times that a cold case came back into the spotlight because of a podcast series.
It's an example of how journalism can make effective change, people can really and talk and think about cases in a new way. Do you think Adnaan would get another case without this podcast? Probably not.

Any other Serial fans out there?

Lawyers will now be allowed to present new evidence on two fronts: the reliability of mobile phone records and the testimony of a potential alibi... but who is this potential alibi?! They better make a new podcast out of this!
I know somewhere @meliflousmelodi is freaking out right now, as am I... Who's with us?
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There's a new podcast that's been out on the case called Undisclosed it's a follow up of Serial but not reply a follow up. It's really interesting as it goes into more detail not explored by Serial
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make sure to post updates
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wow, so as a lawyer what is your opinion of the case? do you think Adnaan got a fair trial @saifursaifi?
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I haven't checked it out yet @Aznnusicrocks2 ... is it as good? I'm curious! Will do @Kamiamon! I'm guessing you are a fan?
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@nicolejb sorry for the late reply. And YES. Undisclosed is amazing. They go over so much detail that Serial didn't discuss. I.E. position of Hae's body at the time of death, how they found her car, other suspects etc
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