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It's possible that the game between the Knicks and the Lakers last night could be Kobe's last game at Madison Square Garden.

Also, this isn't something you see too often either. And although he may be a Laker, New Yorkers were all pretty excited to see the Black Mamba.

MSG is a special place for Kobe.

Kobe made history on February 2nd, 2009, when he scored a record-breaking 61 points at the Garden.
Thus, it was understandable when a lot of Lakers fans showed up to support their franchise star one last time in New York City.

But the matchup ended with the Knicks clinching the win, 99 - 95.

And while Melo scored 24 points with 8 rebounds and 2 assists, while Kobe scored 18 points with 2 rebounds and 3 assists.
It was Carmelo Anthony and his Knicks' victory over Kobe Bryant and his Lakers.

But remember those Lakers fans that came to watch Kobe? Well, I don't think, "watching" is the only thing they did, because....

Melo gives a shoutout to his hecklers after the game!

They really must have given him a hard time for him to acknowledge them after the game.
@TravisBeck Ahh I its not dependent on him, it's more dependent on the team. What if he isn't going to be much help to the team? You think the Lakers need that veteran leader even though he might not be performing that well?
@mchlyang,I think it depends on what the Lakers do this off season. If they sign a few good players, I say he stays and tries to win that 6th ring.
@DannyMoses He is! I respect him for it too.
Ohh this is one of the many reason me and my brother love Carmelo!
@mchlyang,Kobe hasn't played much in last 2 years due injury's. With those type of injury's its hard to just go 100%,he's being cautious right now and still trying to find his groove. Don't get me wrong, you can tell that father time has caught up with him but there's one thing you just can't replace. His leadership and his demand of his teammates to give 100% every game is what he brings to the table.
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