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馃専 Life as a Female Gamer..
Yes, we do exist in the same world with you. Yes sometimes we get kill streaks and you may have been killed twice too many times. Yes, we know what we are talking about.. We really do. At times we might even know more than you.
I wrote this post today because I saw a nasty IG post about female gamers.. I'll post it below and go on.. With my rant lol
Why is it instantly thought that we are ugly or a troll that hides under the bridge? Most men don't believe we exist but we do... And it just bothers me that we can't be "cool" and play games. Someone always have to think something is wrong with us.. Like he hide in the boiler room of our parents basements and we don't have a social life.
We are real and we are here to stay.... We get down and dirty with games just like you are even more!
Like I said we do exist. Btw that was me exposing a hacker lol. I have played matches with Epic Employees and they don't die every damn wave also I am the only level 400 as well. With an Oyxn medal... Ijs lol
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As a guy let me just apologize for the actions of all other stupid men towards women who play games. I honestly find it stupid when guys just flip out over finding out someone they are playing with is female. I simply love games and I love that so many people love them as well regardless of gender and if you mop the floor with me more power to ya. I'm gonna treat you like I would my male friends who play with me. I remember one time I was over at a friend's house playing something (can't recall what it was) and this gal joined a party with us and played with us cuz we didn't flip out that she was a girl and oh man was she kicking our asses lol. but we all had fun and that's the point of games. to just have fun and get some laughs.
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Honestly I think the whole shocking idea of females gaming has worn off but I do still get a few that are either amazed or down right ignorant. For the most part it is the norm now. But like you said there are still many that believe a female gamer is defective if she plays games.
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I'm getting 3+ games for Christmas, and plan to marathon play for as long as it takes. Girls can be just as cool as guys when it comes to gaming, possibly even better. My best friend schooled a bunch of people on a multiplayer. Some girl was scared to play against her. So don't be sexist, people. It's annoying.
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@BallisticB4c0n absolutely, some things have changed, which of course is a good thing.
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im so glad you brought thus out, my friends a girl and she kicks my ass in mortal kombat all the fucking time
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