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Short version: More money than I have ever been worth.

The long version... Let's just say that Disney money doesn't hurt... seriously I'm having trouble even conceptualizing this much. Let's see how much each actor made for Age of Ultron.
Someone's got some serious negotiation skills.
The fact that she's making more than the rest of the cast is pretty far from the industry standard, so well done!
His role in this wasn't very large, so that makes sense. And it's not like $6.9 million hurts!
He was in American Hustle! And The Hurt Locker! I'm one of those people guilty of forgetting he's been in some pretty impressive films.
Probably takes the sting out of having your role cut substantially. I hope?
I would feel bad... but that would cover me for several YEARS. (Via).
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@GregSchulte @CreeTheOtaku @LAVONYORK lol out of debt and then some... one time when I worked Black Friday I had to count and then guard almost the exact amount I was in debt... I was just staring at this pile of cash like "this is it this is what I owe this hurts me in my soul"
@LAVONYORK saaaaaaaame. @shannonl5 Dude, yes. Forget the rest. But, is the swagger included in the money deal? CX.
@saraortiz2002 lol IDK haha I think I have plenty of swagger already
Robert Downey Jr not only a great negotiator in the movie but in real life to it seems
@AlexArdizzone lol yeah. To be fair to him I think fans would be really upset to see him go and ultimately as long as he's a huge draw they'll probably give him plenty of incentives to stay