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Yoongi pinned me to the ground because I was avoiding him

Ah, I couldn't help myself with the reference to Lion King (Its my hubs favorite childhood movie, seen it WAY to many times)
"Anything I can help with?" You wandered into the kitchen, having heard a bedroom door closing down the hall. "No we've got everything here." Jungkook smiled at you briefly, turning his attention back on yhe two boys cooking. You shifted on your feet, bitting at your lip and thinking over what your next move should be. Glancing down the hallway at the closed bathroom door, you figured up a good plan. They didn't know where you lived or your living situation. The only two did and one was out with his girlfriend. "Crap," You looked down at your phone, checking the time ",my sister just messaged me. I've got to get home. " "Is it something serious? Should I drive you back?" Jin stopped helping Jimin with the vegetables, a look of concern clouding his face. "Oh no, it's nothing bad." You waved him off ",She just wants me back early tonight. I think it was a bad day at work and she just needs me." "Are you sure?" Jimin watched you shift on your feet again with an eyebrow raised. He was good at reading you when emotions got the best of you. "Of course. Me taking the bus back will give her plenty of time to cool down and then she'll let the waterworks go when I get home." "If you say so, just message me when you get home." Jin went back to cooking ",And take an umbrella. NamJoon mentioned it was a long walk from the bus stop to your apartment." "Yes mother. I'll see you guys later." You pushed off the doorframe, heading for the entrance. "I'll walk you out." JungKook followed after you, all the way to the street outside. "You're such a liar." He spoke up for the first time since leaving the dorm. "I know, just keep it a secret." "Yeah well, tell your sister I said hello when you Skype her and don't stay on the roof to long." "You're getting as bad as Jin." You pulled the idol into a quick hug before jogging down the street. In reality, you only live a few miles away, walking distance from the boy's dorm. It was a good little walk, an umbrella was needed on days it rained but wasn't needed tonight. A good breeze kicked up leaves around you and caught the hem of your jacket. You cut down the alley, a shortcut to the street you needed. No one was out, all the doors and gates were locked up which gave you some piece of mind. The phone in your pocket was buzzing constantly and whenever you checked, it was the same person you didn't want to talk to. So it was a little childish to avoid someone without giving them a reason, you had one. It was just a reason that you didn't really want to share because it could really mess things up.
Your phone was buzzing with life all night, every few minutes a new notification was coming in and all from him. You almost couldn't get a message out to Jin that you'd made it home, it got bad enough to where you had to cut it off when your sister asked about it. The video call with her was even short, she was to busy with work to talk long. JungKook stopped by first thing, bringing by coffee and a promise to stop in on his way home. "Don't try calling, my phones off." "You didn't pay the bill or something?" JungKook stopped on the stairs, confusion crossing his face. "No, I just turned it off." You pushed around a potted plant, ready to head back inside. "I'll tell hyung to leave you alone." "What? But how-" "First time I've ever seen him so frustrated over his phone." JungKook simply snorted a laugh before waving goodbye. - "One, two, three, four." You sat on the roof of your tiny rooftop apartment, counting out beats. Tapping a pencil against the roof and bobbing to the music, you were lost. A good thing about living here was the open space and lack of neighbors, no one to disturb you. "So this is where you live." You nearly screamed, jumping up only to teeter towards the edge. "Careful." Your arm was jerked, savung you from falling off the roof but sent you flat on your back. "Geezus." Cracking your eyes open, you looked at the attacker. "YoonGi?" "Why are you avoiding me?" "Get off me, you weigh a ton." You wiggled underneath him but he wouldn't budge. "Y/N, you've been avoiding me all week. Ignoring my texts, my calls, everything. So until you tell me why, I'm not moving." As if to press the issue, YoonGi shifted and put his full weight on you. "This is it, I die here." You made choking sounds, gasping out and pending to die. "Christ Y/N." YoonGi moved away from you, sitting on the roof a few feet away. Letting a cough slip, you propped uo on your elbows and watched the colors in the sky change. "I only pinned you for second and you act like that." "Why are you here?" Looking at him from the corner of your eye had a blush creeping its way to the surface. Several minutes had passed, both of you sitting in silence. Listening to the sounds of the city around you and watching as the sun dipped beyond the horizon. Street lamps glowed to life and cast odd shadows across the rooftop apartment, leaving your own roof in semi-darkness. "When the person you like avoids you for no given reason, you tend to go out if your way to find out." "The person you...wait." You sat up, poking to nothing in particular. "You, you idiot."
Okay how was it? I need thoughts and whatnot cause I did this at 1 in the morning.