@kpopandkimchi is at it again with a brilliant discussion she has created,
talking about the real issues that k-dramas deal with and what they mean to us.
This week, every so awesomely put in this card here, she has given us the prompt of strong female characters in our dramas.
Now I guess it is up to interpretation on what a strong female character entails, but to me she has to be flawed, fierce in whatever way she deems fierce, and able to exist in real life. Now that last criteria is a little difficult to produce, especially in k-drama land.
I had a character strongly touch my soul in a drama, and if she isn't a strong female lead then I don't really know what is.
She is played by Park Min Young, and unlike some bad-ass characters she has played *cough cough City Hunter cough cough*, this bad-ass has very real life feelings, reactions, and flaws.


If you haven't seen Healer, go watch it. NOW. Nowwwww.
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!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS ARE AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!
I can't even really describe without spoiling literally everything ever about Healer why I adore Young Shin so much.
I think in short, it is her flaws that make her so real to me, and in turn, such a strong woman that has overcome many obstacles in her life to be where she is.
Young Shin was an orphan growing up, and she didn't speak.
Her now-adopted father came in, and after visiting for I believe an entire year, finally had her trust him enough to speak to him, and he took her home to live with him and his wife.
Her adopted father owned a law firm, and a coffee shop, and the coffee shop always had ex-cons that her father helped with his law firm working there for their terms of rehabilitation.
SO. Young Shin grew up with ex-cons doting on her, teaching her tricks of the trade, showing her that just because your past is shady or you have chosen a specific choice in life once, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be loved.
1. Young Shin is forgiving, loving, and doesn't judge others for their pasts.
Young Shin has gumption and a scrappiness to her that is so believable because it is flawed. She has a panic disorder in which if she sees and acts of violence, she starts having a panic attack. BUT. There was many instances throughout Healer in which she went balls to the wall trying to either save someone, save herself, follow up on something.
She doesn't let her mental disability stop her from achieving everything she has every wanted. As a journalist, she isn't scared to get into stories that might ruin her or put her in danger.
2. Brought to a level of realness added in by her having an anxiety disorder, her bad-ass ability to try and protect others is made believable and extremely relatable.
Her love story adds to her being strong, and doesn't take away from her being able to take care of herself. Sure, she relies on Healer to protect her sometimes even though many times she doesn't ask for it, but she returns that ten fold.
Even before she knows Bong Soo, she immediately wants to be friends with him, treats him with respect though playful, and puts her life on the line to protect him even in a dangerous situation.
Then afterwords, when she is involved with Healer, she takes care of him and doesn't let him overtake her ever. Their relationship is so even to me and not any endless pining that doesn't make sense. She is there for him when he is in a crisis even though he tries to pull away, she attacks head on something from their past at her job so they can live free.
3. Young Shin loves without bounds and protects without bounds.
She isn't just a tool or plot device to make the male lead happy or to give him growth (which she does but it is so natural and not her character's sole purpose).
She is a strong, independent woman who isn't afraid to love, be scared, fight hard when she might lose, and go up against the odds.
I love love love Young Shin and I definitely wanted to honor her with this week's topic.

Where my Healer fans at?

Tagging the RKDT people that Kimchi has collected, and some Healer fans :)
I'm clipping this! I haven't watched it yet, but from reading your intro about her, I can't wait to watch it :3
@KellyOConnor @Apink8 yay I hope you both enjoy the drama! It is one of my favorites and Young Shin will not disappoint :)
So I watched the first half of Healer when it was airing, but then for whatever reason I stopped halfway through. I'm crazy for having not finished it all in one go, but I'll finish it in my own time. But yes, I agree with everything @baileykayleen said! Also, thanks for tagging me!
I will clip your card to read after I've watched Healer so I don't spoil it for myself!
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