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1. Tony absolutely REFUSES to keep his dirty talk off the S.H.I.E.L.D. comms.
2. His dirty talk is mostly directed at Banner. It's up to you how the Doctor feels about it.
3. Natasha has a series of vines starring Thor and Steve confused by our technology.
4. She used Nelly's "Hot in Herre" as the soundtrack for the time Thor accidentally set the microwave on fire and it's still going viral months later.
5. Clint plays this really fun game where he sneaks up on people and uses his arrows to shoot things out of their hands.
6. It's pretty much only fun for him.
7. Ultron was originally designed to clean up after their parties. (No wonder he rebelled).
8. Natasha and Tony have a running bet to see who can get Steve to say "that's what she said" first.
9. Steve is aware, and he's totally trolling them by coming close... but not quite.
10. Nick Fury is so, so tired of all of this.
This series of headcanons was inspired by this card, thank you @PamDelacy for the inspiration!