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All right, shitsippers.

You a fan of the adventures of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Let's review a couple of the words only fans of The League will fully understand.


What it usually means: A delicious Mexican food filled with meat, veggies, and cheese, served in a hard or soft shell.
What it means to fans of The League: Kevin's perpetually stoned, entrepreneurial younger brother, who's usually either hitting a guest bong, trying to make his nut through yet another TacoCorp venture, or purveying Three Penis Wine. Oh, or getting laid.


What it usually means: An abbreviation of the name Christopher Benjamin.
What it means to fans of The League: Chalupa Batman, Kevin and Jenny's second child, thusly named by his Uncle Taco.

Eskimo Brother

What it usually means: Someone who's had intercourse with someone that you've also had intercourse with.
What it means to fans of The League: Someone who's had intercourse with someone Taco has also had intercourse with. So pretty much everyone (including, conveniently, a lot of NFL players).

Pocket Dog

What it usually means: No idea.
What it means to fans of The League: Rafi's only source of nourishment – hot dogs he carries around in his pocket. Often cooked in (on? with?) a toilet kitchen.

White Knuckling

What it usually means: Flying by the seat of your pants. Toughing your way through a stress-inducing situation.
What it means to fans of The League: What Kevin's high school ex-girlfriend Brooke does to male genitalia, leading everyone else to mock him mercilessly. (Though, to be fair, it did save his life that one time.)


What it usually means: The simultaneously benevolent and destructive all-powerful Hindu deity.
What it means to fans of The League: The not-so-benevolent, all-powerful urologist Shivakamini Somakandarkram, formerly ugly valedictorian of the guys' high school class, and patron deity of The League. She may have gotten way hotter after graduation, but you'd better not mess with her. Also the name of the championship trophy, which the winner is allowed to keep (and apparently do horrible things to?) for the year between seasons.


What it usually means: A delightful chewable candy product, often mint or fruit flavored.
What it means to fans of The League: What Pete's old college wingman Chuck routinely sat in, in order to get a rise out of innocent co-eds. Aka his scrotum.


What it usually means: Not really sure. Maybe the name of a creepy clown?
What it means to fans of The League: The horrifying, humiliating loser's trophy, bedecked with a giant pair of bull testicles resting atop a bust of Ruxin's head, and doled out along with a series of embarrassing punishments.


What it usually means: A style and formatting guide for humanities research papers.
What it means to fans of The League: Mouth Like Anus, a condition tragically affecting Andre's ex-fiance Trixie.


What it usually means: The name of a little-known Beethoven overture.
What it means to fans of The League: Andre's safe word, which he is forced to use alarmingly frequently thanks to the antics of the other League members.


What it usually means: Spanish for "Brother-in-law."
What it means to fans of The League: The worst person on the face of this planet, Sofia Ruxin's brother, Rafi.


What it usually means: The name of a fictional fast-food restaurant.
What it means to fans of The League: What someone yells when they're experiencing violent and uncontrollable diarrhea.

Toilet Kitchen

What it usually means: Two (very separate) things you might find in a house.
What it means to fans of The League: A disgusting all-in-one fixture in Rafi's "apartment," where it's a perfectly acceptable place to both drop a deuce and cook up a few hot dogs.

Forever Unclean

What it usually means: Something really, really dirty.
What it means to fans of The League: Something that can never again be un-unclean, due to disgusting circumstances often involving bodily fluids. The status of pretty much the entire Ruxin family (but mostly Baby Geoffrey), as well as anything Rafi has ever touched.
@rodiziketan Thought you might enjoy this one! :) I'm celebrating the 7th season XD
My best friend Nycole is obsessed with this show and makes white knuckling jokes all the time. I haven't even SEEN The League and I know that one. Although, I've got to say - I love Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll, so it's a wonder why I don't watch this one yet.
omg yes. One of the best cards I've ever seen on Vingle. I don't know where to start, and because I have tons of studying to do till thursday, I'm gonna come back with this one... with a LOOOOONG comment :) right now, I'm having an all-nighter and I'm gonna have one tomorow as well. :(
@LizArnone AHAHAHA I'm so glad!!!! DUDE I know it's such an addiction, I love it!! Forever uncleaaannnnn lololol. Ruxin is my favorite character. @danidee You gotta get on it girl!! Nick Kroll 4 LIFE <3
@rodiziketan Hahahaha omg you go boy!!! I hope your studying and all nighter went well! You poor thing. I miss you, hope you are well <3 :* dude this is one of my favorite shows ever. I'm so glad you enjoyed the card hehehe. Was thinking of you the whole time I was writing it ^_^