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I recommend persona 3, it's a story about a boy named menito yuki who's the only one left in his family, he moves to a new town called gekkokan city, when he moves he lives in a dorm filled with a boy and two girls and later meets New people, later he finds out that he has a ability to summon a thing called a persona, and inner self personality and he fight these things called shadows and joins a group called s.e.e.s. short for specialized extracurricular execution squad and has a power called the wild card which lets him wield more persona then one like everyone else.
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Yea I've beat but the fifth one and watched the persona series even beat persona 4 golden
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I have the game but it's persona 4 I was planning on watching the anime but my brother told me that it was pretty boring so I don't t if I should watch it or not
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Are the personas completely separate stories?
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Look at Junpei XD
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