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Of course, that's no guarantee the movie will confirm it.

We were talking yesterday about Marvel's kind of weird stance on LGBT representation and @LAVONYORK brought up Deadpool. That's because this week director Ryan Miller said that the Deadpool in his upcoming film is definitely pansexual. And unlike many of Marvel's characters, the company has very little control over the cinematic adaptation since they sold the film rights to the character.

It's basically canon.

Whether you take him seriously or not, Deadpool has had a few flirtatious moments with more than one gender. His main love interest is Death, but he seems like an equal-opportunity flirt to me.
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hey I'm straight but if John Mayer comes to my bed side sings and plays "your body is a Wonderland" too me on his guitar I'd doo him...
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@ChildOfSparda13 I totally get that! It's such an awesome feeling :D
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@FernandoGarza XD lol I mean who wouldn't
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@jibarito @purplem00n23 did you both hear about this?
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@shannonl5 I skimmed over it earlier, very interesting
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