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She's here to kick ass and chew gum... and she's out of gum.

When I'm on long trips and I don't have anything to read (or I've finished what I'm reading and don't have anything else ready) I think about a lot of different things. My current escape is a hypothetical Black Widow movie. What would it be about? What would it look like? (Why hasn't it happened yet?!) @Luci546 posed this question and I encourage everyone to share:
Thank you @paulisaghost for being the original inspiration!

It takes place after Winter Soldier.

But before Age of Ultron. At the end she says "I blew all my covers. I got to go figure out a new one" and this movie follows through on that promise. She's spent years pretending to be someone else, and in Winter Soldier she's motivated to figure out who she really is. Which means that she needs to go backwards, and find out who she was.

She's a rogue agent.

She doesn't have the pristine track record that Captain America does; nor does she have Iron Man's budget. Without S.H.I.E.L.D. she has no authority. She's got to get by on her skills and her luck. And the more she uncovers, the more she begins to remember.

What's worse than forgetting?

The memories that they replaced the true ones with. The more she goes back, the more she finds. Splinter cells with similar training programs to the one she endured. Sleeper agents with Natasha's memories implanted in their subconscious. There's so much that still need to be unraveled, so much she has to do before she can wipe out all that red...

There's the constant threat of recapture.

But she's not a frightened child anymore. She knows herself and she knows who she wants to be.

And whatever she is, she will never be someone's puppet again.

@shannonl5 facts at it leaves a nice little doorway for agents of shield to slip into the spotlight.
I'd so support a black widow Film She has one of the sickest origin stories and the potential for then to introduce the spy genre into the mcu. So female jason bourne stuff!!!!
how do you keep written @shannonl5 ? my mind turns into a leadless pencil.
@MarySEW thank you!!! I promise you (and everyone) I'm working on a fic I should have a chapter up tomorrow! @Bakuman247 heck yeah! Really similar to the Bourne Movies, lots of stunts and action with some really intense counter-intelligence. It would be totally different from the other movies they're doing (the tone at least) which I think would be good. At the stage they're at, they really need to do something different to keep the stories fresh
this is fantastic! !! :D This is getting me to so PUMPED for the movie, if it ever does come out! They should friggin hire you for your thinking powers! Thanks for Making this card! ^.^
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