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This video brought me so much joy. It's a gorgeous reminder of the stories behind the legalization of gay marriage – the reason why this decision was so important. Because there's love, real love, at stake; real lives, real human beings who deserve all the same rights straight people have. It's that simple.
These couples are so adorably touching. It's amazing to see how this decision changed lives across the country, across all age groups and backgrounds. You'll feel uplifted after watching it, promise. :)
Oh, and another thing I really like about the video is their use of Shakespeare's sonnet 116 – "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments," – to tie everything together. What a beautiful statement.

What did you feel, watching this video?

@AlloBaber The quote was my struggle.
you know the feeling when after 10 fails you finally got something right? DATS WHAT IM FEELINGGGGHG OMG I FEEL SO FLUFFY, BUT IM IN CHARACTER ED...WE CANT BE FLUFFY IN CHARACTER ED
I just feel so happy and excited when I see videos like this!! It's so uplifting to see people following their dreams, following their hearts, just doing what's right and natural to them :) that makes us a better species, I'm sure of it!
When the oppressed are finally free to just BE, it only helps the human race as a whole. Lovely video 👏
Hahahahaha omg it all becomes clear XD @NerukaWong
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