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I hope I'm not the only one that I would wish to see a kingdom hearts anime!! Who agrees or even disagrees at why there shouldn't be but I think it'd be a good anime!
that being said I'm usually against couple tattoos but the idea is so alluring reguardless @AshelyJewell
agreed! That is awesome! I've thought about getting one also but like a couples ones with my dude of 6 years where we get a keyhole on our back or chest and then we each have a keyblade! it's the only tattoo I would consider getting ^.^ @AshelyJewell
IF they make an anime out of this the action had better be up to par with animes like Fairy Tail, Naruto, Rokka, Yona, and Aoharu x Machinegun. KH is one of my first loves and I am still designing my very own keyblade tattoo.
the opening sequence to dream drop is nostalgia
Oh yea. I'm all down for quality versus just pumping something out prior to its prime. and I have never heard of dream drop distance to be honest. I feel like I'm dropping the ball on being a mega fan like I am. Although I really don't like playing on anything other than the console that's why I was stoked when they made the remixes. Is that on 2.5? I have it but haven't had the time to put in on it. @gh0str3con1596 and it is nice that they are now letting games crossover to other systems for people who like the Xbox more and vice versa.
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