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Hello again! I'm happy to announce that I'll be running another giveaway this week (thank you ~vingle gods~)!!

Ready to win something cool?

The Challenge:

Make a card on this topic:

"The Character I Love (or Hate) & Why"

- Give it an original title! Be creative in following this topic! - Post it to the "Japanese Anime" Community and tag me (@hikaymm) in it so I can clip it to the Challenge Collection! **please do this or I might not see your card**

The Prize:

An awesome Naruto hoodie like this one! It will be custom ordered in whatever size you want, so don't worry about that! I think we could also do grey or black, but we'll talk with the winner ^^

Who will win?

The card with the most CLIPS from OTHER UNIQUE USERS will win! - Clips are vingles way of keeping stuff for later; its that little paper clip symbol you see! - If one person clips your card into one or more collections, it will count as (1) unique clipper lol.

The contest ends at MIDNIGHT on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH!

Tips for Winning:

READ THIS CARD TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE A WINNING CARD!!!! That card is just about writing an awesome card, but I've found that cards that get clipped the most are the ones that people want to return to read again and again and again, so make something that is FUN to read, and people will want to SAVE to come back to later!

Good luck, everybody!!!!

I'll update you throughout the week again and make some example cards too!!

Feel free to message me or comment below with any questions ^-^

thank you Isaac it took me a few seconds to find out how to word it properly.
hahaha that's funny
yes your guess is right Isaac will be the one to win. Isaac me
You got the wrong Isaac.
LOL Whoops, better fix my card then. >_> I wrote what you did, hahaha.
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