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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!

This is the second installment of the Nani November Nakama Week, where we're all going on tagging sprees in the hope of securing an awesome Erza Scarlett figurine.
If you missed the rules card, or just need a refresher, you can find the rules card here.
Remember to tag someone in your response to the question! This way more people get to contribute and hang out and all that good stuff!
On that note, here's the question for today:

What anime character would you most want to have as your real-life friend?

Personally, I'd go with Soul Evans.

He's funny, he's weird, he can be debonair at times.

Plus, if we were able to match soul wavelengths, I could wield a badass scythe!
Natsu cause he knows how to have fun plus I might be able to grt him to teach me dragon slayer magic! XD
@JosiahRosner I would want to be friends with Naruto, because I always got so sad when he would be all alone. I would have befriended him right away!
@ashleyrene27 Ikr even more cause natsu is gonna be there 馃檲馃樇馃樄馃樄
@ashleyrene27 yea burning and destroying things as a professional job 馃槀馃槀馃槅
@ashleyrene27 I wanna do the most stupidest stuff with Natsu and get Lucy kicked with natsu for breaking into her house 馃槅馃槀馃槀馃槀
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