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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!

This is the second installment of the Nani November Nakama Week, where we're all going on tagging sprees in the hope of securing an awesome Erza Scarlett figurine.
If you missed the rules card, or just need a refresher, you can find the rules card here.
Remember to tag someone in your response to the question! This way more people get to contribute and hang out and all that good stuff!
On that note, here's the question for today:

What anime character would you most want to have as your real-life friend?

Personally, I'd go with Soul Evans.

He's funny, he's weird, he can be debonair at times.

Plus, if we were able to match soul wavelengths, I could wield a badass scythe!
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l lawliet! @ebethoven
2 years ago·Reply
I'd want Monkey D. Luffy for my friend imagine the mischief we'd get in to lol:) @vrockie
2 years ago·Reply
I'd have to choose Kirito from Sword Art Online for the fact he's a super smart gamer and we have similar career goals :D @gh0str3con1596
2 years ago·Reply
probably mayaka from hyouka
2 years ago·Reply
@noWaifuNoLaifu I want Natsu from Fairy Tail to be my best friend. Although this is prolly chosen a lot. He holds his friends even dearer than I do and I hold my friends VERY dear. Tag me too btw so you're qualified.
2 years ago·Reply