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My Top 3 Favorite Dramas

In this card I will be presenting you all my top 3 and giving a brief explanation as well attaching the drama trailers. This is an idea @kpopandkimchi mentioned to help new people coming to the dark side (not so dark) of the kdrama world by giving our recommended top 3 in order to help out. BUT I thought this was a great idea not just to the newbies but to all so we can see what drama to start next based on the recommended three of each individual in each card because sometimes that can be a struggle after finishing a drama.

Pinocchio (ํ”ผ๋…ธํ‚ค์˜ค)

If you're into the romance dramas then this drama might be just right for you! Have you ever heard of pinocchio syndrome? Well I hadn't either until this drama. Just like the wooden Pinocchio there are people out there that can't lie or else they get hiccups. Will people with Pinocchio syndrome be able to survive in a job such as a reporter or at a moment of truth? Go watch this drama and find out!
This trailer does not have English subs I apologize for that but it was the best and extended trailer I could find.

God's Gift 14 Days

If you're into melodramas or interested of one this drama might just be the drama for you! So many moments of suspense and mystery.. If you had the chance to go back in time to bring someone back would you? Now what if you only had 14 days to solve the mystery? Will 14 days be enough?

She Was Pretty

Are you tired of the older dramas or looking for something new? Perhaps something from this year, 2015, that is currently still airing? Are you looking for a Romance Comedy to watch? Then this one is perfect for you! Yes Yes Super Junior Siwon is in this drama and with such a great character! Go watch for yourself. (for this one I won't explain much because I don't want to give anything away and spoil it so watch the trailer for yourself!!)

I hope I was able to help you guys out with what drama to watch next!

I really want to watch Pinocchio because I love love loooove Lee Jong Suk! This is a great list!
@baileykayleen You should watch it! It was my first korean melodrama I watched and I got so hooked waiting for the next episodes!!
Pinocchio is definitely on my list! And Siwon's character in She Was Pretty is literally causing everyone to swoon lol. Awesome choices! I really haven't heard much about God's Gift so it was great to read about it and it sounds really interesting!
@CleoHoney You should watch 'She was Pretty'! Yesterday they aired the last episode so you won't have to wait in suspense for then next episode! Yeah with Pinocchio I was the same. I would lag it to finish it because my sister and I watched it together and we were both busy at the time. Hope you finish soon! (:
i should watch "she was pretty" because it has my 3 favorite actors/actress in there... i have not finished Pinocchio and don't remember where i left off
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If BTS Were in Boys Over Flowers
Now, I think there are a lot of things wrong with the plot of BoF (mainly the boys treat Jan-di like crap) but its still funto imagine it as a less problematic drama. Here's who I'd cast! Gu Jun Pyo - Suga The leader of the F4 and heir to the Shinhwa Group, one of the biggest companies in South Korea. He is hot-tempered and believes that there is nothing that money can't buy. Though he's unable to express his feelings, deep down, he has a heart of gold. He torments Jan-di after she stands up to his bullying ways, but ends up falling in love with her and will do anything to protect her. Yoon Ji Hoo - V A member of the F4 and the grandson of a former president of Korea. He has a driving phobia after being involved in a car accident that killed his parents and left him the only survivor. He is initially in love with his childhood friend Seo-hyun, who helped him overcome his social anxiety. Calm and gentle, his musical talent catches Jan-di's attention and she begins to develop feelings for him. So Yi Jung - Jungkook A member of the F4 and a skilled potter. His family owns the country's biggest art museum. After losing his first love to his brother, he becomes a Casanova. He eventually changes his playboy ways when he realizes that he likes Ga-eul. Song Woo Bin A member of the F4, his family runs the country's largest construction company, which Woo-bin later admits has strong connections to organized crime. However, he has excellent business sense and is very charismatic. He's a super nice guy that happens to be a gangster lol and of course RM, Jin, and Jimin are the dad, mom, and little brother :) How would you cast BOF?
Flower of Evil - K-Drama Recommendation
Main Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, Jang Hee Jin, Seo Hyun Woo Episodes: 16 (1 Hour Episodes) - Currently Airing (On Viki) Rating: 15+ Genre: Thriller, Romance, Crime, Drama, Melodrama Other Genre Tags: Mystery, Serial Killer, Hidden Identity, Psychological, Suspense Synopsis: Baek Hee Sung seems like the ideal husband. A hard-working craftsman, his metal-working studio has met with its fair share of success. Able to provide a good life for his wife and daughter, heโ€™s a good example of what a husband should be. But this perfect faรงade hides some very dark secrets that even his wife, Cha Ji Won remains unaware of. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of coming out and as a hard-hitting homicide detective, itโ€™s Cha Ji Wonโ€™s job to uncover as many as she can, in her never-ending quest for the truth. While investigating a particularly cruel case, she finds herself on a dark path that could crumble the very foundations of her happy life. But she is determined to bring this psychopath to justice. Delving deeper into the case, she realizes that he may have been closer than she thought. (Source: Viki) My Thoughts: VERY intriguing so far! There are only 2 episodes out so far and it's very suspenseful and thrilling. This isn't really a spoiler but Baek Heesung/Do Hyunsoo (Lee Joongi) is suspected to be a serial killer but has changed his identity and has married Cha Jiwon (Moon Chaewon) who happens to be a cop. The two of them have a kid together, however, there's a kicker being that Heesung/Hyunsoo lacks emotions. Something he seems to have gotten from his father who is also said to be a serial killer. Note, this is not really a spoiler since all this is revealed within the confines of the first 2 episodes. I find this plot-line to be very new, at least to the Korean drama scene. The only Korean drama I can even pit against this one in being similar is Kill It and that is because the male in that drama is also a murderer, but their backgrounds are entirely different. You could say that Psychopath Diary is slightly similar, however, that drama is a comedy and is based off the idea of a misunderstanding. Even though we haven't been fully exposed to the idea that Heesung/Hyunsoo is infact a murderer we still see him doing stuff that someone who is innocent wouldn't do. I find this interesting. Another thing I like is that we get to see a character who has trouble showing emotions. This isn't something new to the K-Drama scene for we have seen similar variations in dramas such as It's Okay To Not Be Okay, Dr. Frost, Stranger (Forest of Secrets), and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. It is nice to see characters that aren't perfect if that makes any sense! I am definitely curious to see where this drama leads and to find out if Heesung/Hyunsoo is actually a murderer or if he's being falsely accused and us the audience are being tricked! - See my last K-drama recommendations below: Train It's Okay to Not Be Okay Extracurricular Memorist & Arthdal Chronicles Rugal & 365: Repeat the Year The World of the Married & Find Me in Your Memory The King: Eternal Monarch & My Holo Love - What I'm Currently Watching: Flower of Evil 2/16 - Korean It's Okay to Not Be Okay 12/16 - Korean Psychopath Diary 5/16 - Korean Train 4/12 - Korean Trap 4/12 - Korean Web-drama U-Prince: The Badly Politics 3/4 - Thai - Friend Me On MyDramaList Here: Halsyeon - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @Just2BLoved @Kyla05 If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!