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Which Anime gave you the most feels? for me it has to be Angel Beats. Angel Beats took me on an emotional journey of which I've never been on before. You really get to know the characters and about their past experiences, which just brings you closer to them. I cried, I laughed, and even got angry at moments. All and all it was the best anime I've seen to date, and would highly recommend to anyone.
It's up there with me. I also think a few sad animes are Clannad, your lie in april, AnoHana and this next one depends on the person but I thought it was which is Akame GA Kill.
Clannad for the win on sad animes
i cry every single time i hear ichiban no takaramono
You have to watch Charlotte! It's by the same people who made Angel Beats! ;-; And @gh0str3con1596 Yes. Your Lie In April. And I'm not watching Clannad. Ever. That's way too much for me lol
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