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Arbor James Kelly pro model. Dialling in a setup. Been using 44 cals but with a long wheelbase I'm guna throw some midnight green cal 50s on it because the 44 felt a bit boaty at slower speeds. Blood orange Morgan's 82a n venom bushings 90a all round or 93/90 maybe. Tell me what you think of the wheel clearance. With 1/4 riser or without. Either is pretty cool but with riser means I can run really loose trucks but I like it lower aswel so undecided
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got 2 decks with plenty of wheel well, no prob. got a mystery model hoopty with very lil clearance, ended up just using 70 mm wheels. 76 & 73 on the other two
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if it feels like a boat that probably means your front truck is too tight. I had the same thing happen. felt like I was on a surfboard or someting
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It's just a lower turning radius coupled with a longer wheel base. Would be a stability machine at faster speeds but i won't be on the hills much now the weather has turned shit so opting for a all round setup
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I have cal 2s 44° when they feel like that I just wedge them with a wedge riser
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I usually would but had some 50*s doing nothing
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