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Hey guys this is my new anime for the past week so far, I recommend it and there aren't too many episodes packed into each season sadly. The story is original and refreshing with comic relief and spirits(not the drinkable kinds ok?), story is about a God called Yato who is a minor God and wishes to become a bigger more fulfilled God but he has many obstacles to overcome ahead of him especially with his 5yen jobs, evil spirits he has to deal with and other Gods trying to take him out. Oh and he has to deal with his allies...who can be equally dangerous. So check it out, anime is Noragami. You won't regret it unless of had comedy and spirits together. Just do it!!!
yeah, I definitely recommend the manga, it's really good and goes on a lot further than the anime
@samihudson no wonder it felt a little off putting but great overall
the end of the first season was not in the manga but the second season picks up where the first season started staying from the manga (: