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Hi everyone!! I need your help, please!! Here's the deal: My dance partner and I have been accepted into a Huge competition. We will be dancing in the contemporary category. (Two of our kids were accepted, too! One will be dancing in the juniors ballet division. The other will be in dancing jazz. ^.^ Keep your fingers crossed for more to be accepted!) We already have many ideas for parts of the routine, but we can't really decide on a song. We are looking for an amazing song that hits you right in the heart. Can you suggest some songs for us to listen to? They can be any genre, any language. You don't even have to provide a link. I can look them up and compile the playlist. Anyone and everyone is free to answer, even if I've never "met" you. (What a great way to meet, right?!) Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions! I appreciate you reading this!! *Hugs* Thanks!
@Arellano1052 THANK YOU. This playlist is incredible. <3 Dude is super hyped on Endlessly by GRO... and I'm like, "WAIT, yo! We have to hear them ALL!!!" (But in all honesty, I'm thinking, "how did I forget about GRO?" lol) Anyways, you're the best. We're pulling quite a few from this list to go on our short list. I appreciate you. ^.^ Oh, and I added you. :D
@Arellano1052 of course!! ^.^
Just add me as a friend on it =D
Lol yes, I do, @Arellano1052. I mean, DUH, of course I do. :P I'll find it, sir. Thanks!!
Hey, do you have a Spotify? My soul mate and I made a Playlist labeled, "Eat a tub of Ice cream, while watching the Notebook!" I'd rather not type out all hundred songs XD
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