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Monday, Oh Monday. Where art thou?

Oh, there you are. We missed you, well kind of. You know this relationship thing is tricky. Nonetheless, it's a new work week -- which means new experience, new beginnings and new found happiness.
If you don't think that's possible or your week has already seemed to make a turn for the worse, fear not. Need a bit of inspiration or an extra push -- keep scrolling and indulge in these five inspirational and motivation quotes to make your week fly by.

You do remember that extra ounce of hope that got you where you are today, don't you?

Nothing is too impossible. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Failure is not an option. Always see the positive in the negative.

No need to hold onto something that is no longer there.

Good people don't have to prove their worth, it shows.

Go throughout this week with a positive attitude and mindset.

The rest will follow.
Thanks @jordanhamilton! :) Great quotes!
anytime!! thank you :) @allischaaff