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It's no secret that women are basically superheroes.

We can do anything a man can do and so much more. Ask any woman to write down a list of what she does on a day to day basis and you will be astonished. We simply do it all, well most of the time. When it comes to fashion there are a few extra steps women take to keep themselves held up to a certain standard.
If you're not following these daily steps than you have yet to reach your end goal. When you practice healthy habits than you live a healthy life and that's speaking both figuratively and literally. If you want to live each day like a true fashionista than you have to do certain things to ensure that you're ahead of the game. I mean, what can't superwoman accomplish? Exactly. It's light work, so with that being said -- keep scrolling to see the habits every stylish woman should practice on a daily basis.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead Of Time

Ahead of time doesn't mean hours in advance. It means one day prior if not more. If you have the diligence to do so, you can easily plan out your week of outfits Sunday night. If you don't think you have the determination or patience to do so, start slow and pick out your outfit for work the night before. Trust me, you will save yourself a lot of time and stress.

Be Inspired

Whatever or whoever happens to inspire you in the world of fashion, follow their lead. Not saying you should recreate every single look they wear, but take bits and pieces from their style and mesh it with yours for the perfect look.

Dress The Part...Your Part

Whether that mean dressing for the weather, dressing for your specific size or whatever the case may be -- if you want to be a true fashionista, these rules are necessary.

Make Sure You Fold And Hang Your Clothes

As much as we hate doing it, in order to look well put together -- it's a must. As simple as that.

Allot yourself enough time to get ready

Give yourself enough time to prepare for your day or night. We all know that it takes us women a little longer than usual to get ready, even if we are just running to the store.

If you already do these five things, you're ahead of the game.

I see you miss fashionista.