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Hey guys! So I decided to do a card on relate memes and gifs and I think they are hilarious!!! Enjoy!! (Credit to owners)
Tell me which one was your favorite and what I should do next!!! My favorite was when he dropped his phone...TOTALLY ME... I'm like "Is someone gonna get that? Cause I'm not". XD
omfg xD I'm sitting in a doctors office waiting room and I seriously had to try so hard not to start laughing just after the first gif xD I'm still trying~ lmao
I loved them all and I favorite a lot of them but hmmm which ones i liked the most..."When the teacher misses a spot while erasing the board", "When someone you don't like touches you", ":Eew, they're all Asians", "when you get the highest grade in the class", "Me everyday (food. food)", "trying not to stare at an attractive person"
Oh OK thank you so much
@andreaimnida I can try to do another one but I did do another XD. You can probably find it from my collection I think it is 14...
omg!! These memes were of the hook can u do more like these?? plsss thnqqq
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