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I do not know if any of you guys have been there. But when it gets cold, it seems like people want to get warm with you and then Spring comes and it is all over. What is that about.. Can we have 4 seasons of love?
Hahahaha great observation @LAVONYORK XD People just wanna chase away those winter blues with a little fireside romance I guess... :PP
@ziggyb113 this is true, both sides are absolutely guilty. It's just messed up.
@allischaaff it's sad that I know one too many friends that get mixed into this.. It's like the guy was not calling you all spring and summer but October came around and he is asking her about Netflix and chill (true story smh)
@LAVONYORK it's true both play the part
it's not just guys that do that, girls do it to, girls just see a nice fireplace and they want to chill every day but when spring rolls around it's later homie see you in fall