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[Discussion] I wonder whether he can be alive or not. I hope he will not die...... He has worked so hard with a brust of his energy... so his family just gets disappointed becasue he always keeps secret ! If he dies today's episode, i think it is so poor for him... What do you think about it? Do you think he can be alive? ㅜㅜ
@minyk2002, yeah he did made a mistake but regretted it since then.. you can see it in his face as tears fell down from his eyes that although he knew he was about to die, he was glad that the child from before actually lived to this day... sad..
@minyk2002 oh really this will be good i didnt watch the preview .cause even if he did a mistake he still regret this and i think he wouldnt do the same ..
@Reyam ummm.....the preview says that he is not dead yet
@nylamrehs actually he did a mistake a few years ago, but he reflects himself....before he stabbing, he said ' i'm sorry stab me if it relieves your rage...
Yeah me too hope the same
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