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AOT/SNK Season Two: Dream
So I had a dream about season two of Attack on Titan. It was WEIRD!!
So, I was Eren and the colossal titan appeared out of nowhere and I transformed into the Rogue titan and climbed the colossal titan and was defeating him, then suddenly I see Reiner on top of wall Sina turn into the Armored titan and so I went onto the wall and turned back into a human (idk how though) and so did Reiner and he randomly punched me so I turned back into the Rogue Titan before he had the chance to transform into the Armored Titan and I stepped on him like he was a bug.
I killed him.
Then the colossal titan turned back into Bertold and cried and I squished him too.
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Can't wait to see this episode. It sounds great xD
2 years ago·Reply
@ibneamya what if that's actually how the episode goes xD
2 years ago·Reply
Omg I would die. And you should sue them for taking your idea xD
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