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If you have ever played or watch someone else play this amazing game called, Life is Strange then you might now these love birds. Max and Chloe are a couple of the main protagonist of the game. Though Max saves Chloe's life countless times in the end game the choice is up to you to sacrifice Chloe or sacrifice Arcadia Bay. Though in game Chloe soon knows her destiny we know that Max has the choice. But Personaly I save Chloe countless times. This game is life changing. I was able to start an anti-bullying campaign at my school because of this. I hope you have a great day and there is more to come!
AHAHAHA @shannonl5 a bullying campaign XD @Jelloston that's AWESOME!! It sounds like such a cool game. @paulisaghost aren't you a Life is Strange fan? Or am I dreaming things?
@Jelloston haha I thought you meant something like that lol you're too nice to bully people
@shannonl5 sorry an anti bullying campaign! haha thank you
you started a bullying campaign? was that a typo?
@shannonl5 Thanks!! :)
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