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Would you prefer to be one of these 7 deadly sins?
Or THESE 7 deadly sins
All in all, both are badass in their own way, and personally I feel I'd be gluttony, either anime and I'm okay with that now lol. (or maybe greed, still not fully decided) So yeah folks, let me know, which of these sins would you be and from which anime you'd prefer? if you guys want I can explain which is which in the comments, right now I'm just assuming you guys already know the difference. Forgive me if I'm wrong :)
@KittyCommittee King is pretty awesome, I was surprised by how strong he was fighting that smiling chick, I wish I had his weapon, that pillow looked comfortable
Second choice because King is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.
wrath from fullmetal
I like both
Just gonna say the FMA sins aren't right if Izumi's son is wrath then King Bradely is pride not selme
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