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Don't go chasing waterfalls -- or in this case, it's perfectly fine. The knotted loop waterfall braid is chic and easy to create, thanks to this amazing YouTuber she gives you two options. The first style is perfect for those days you do want to over do it and the second style is perfect for those mornings you want to show off a bit without totally overdoing it. Make your work week fashionably convenient with this hairstyle. Don't be shy, keep scrolling and give it a try.

Ladies, yay or nay?

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2 years ago·Reply
yes how to please
2 years ago·Reply
The video gives a pretty easy step by step. It looks harder than it seems, but it's rather easy :) @MistyNickerson
2 years ago·Reply
i like the 1st one
2 years ago·Reply
Great choice! @ZSK5
2 years ago·Reply