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Recently, I shared an idea for brides to update their reception menu from boring standbys with modern delicious food. In keeping with the notion that people can forgive most things EXCEPT TERRIBLE FOOD AT THE WEDDING, take a peek at this stunning hors d'oeuvre of plated figs dolloped with camembert cheese!
Figs, as you may know, are one of the most luxe fruits in the world. Despite being incredibly juicy and sweet, figs are notorious for becoming rotted and spoiled quick. From tree to mouth, the journey (and food prep) should be less than a day for epic freshness. This, of course, raises the cost for these Mediterranean gems, making them costly for a wedding of 300 guests.
However, if you're lucky enough to live (and wed) in Southern California, there are numerous fig producers with fruits of exceptional quality. Partner with your caterer to ensure that your figs are the absolute freshest and picked no more than 24 hours before your event!
Trust me--It's so worth it!
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