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I'm curious to see how many people prefer sub over dub. Seems like to me out of everyone I know they prefer sub. But I see no difference j can switch from one episode sub to the dub or vice versa and actually prefer dub in cases so why do people say sub only?
I honestly like the original voice actors, I feel like they are more expressive.
it depends on the anime in question.
I'd have to agree with "Thatperson512", I also prefer sub because the dialogue in most animes tends to be better when they don't have to match the english voice to the lip movement.
I prefer subbed because with certain animes the subbed version will have a completely different meaning and subtext compared to the dub version. The dub version usually gets kinda censored when translated. Also with the expression is a lot different too.
I prefer to have subtitles because you can put emphasis on certain saying and make them your own. Plus, I love the sound of Japanese even if I don't understand it.
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