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I'm curious to see how many people prefer sub over dub. Seems like to me out of everyone I know they prefer sub. But I see no difference j can switch from one episode sub to the dub or vice versa and actually prefer dub in cases so why do people say sub only?
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I say dub isn't not that I don't live sub I do know that English anime does dumbit down then it's original sub version but I came to the point where I like the plot of the story and I can fallow it baby watching and listening then reading and listen to a language I don't even begin to understand it and when I try to understand the character start confusing me..... enough said I need to learn the languages quick T-T
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my personal opinion please no hate
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i like dub better but i won't say no to sub
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I prefer sub
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I like sub cuz there's less lines missing or rewrote to be appropriate and the vocalist are a whole lot less bratty.
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