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Hey... so this is a more serious card than others of mine. Lately I've been feeling just like... well, nothing. Not like I don't feel anything, but like I'm just irrelevant to everyone and everything around me... Everyone around me is doing good for themselves and find a way to make the most out of anything... I feel like by knowing me, it's not doing anything but adding some kind of anchor. I feel like everyone's life would be better if I just wasn't there anymore. I've tried to do some good, but now I just don't see anymore reason to... I perform a good deed, just to have something bad come and remind me that there's no point to any of it. I'm posting this becasue I know we've all felt like this to some extant. Whether it was something small like playing a game and not being able to get past one part and giving up... Or, like with me, you just don't see the point to life in general... it's a screwed up way to feel, but that's just how I see things at this point.
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look at a penguins. they have it have it hard. they live in a shity world and unlike all their other friends who can fly away at a moments notice if something bad happens, they can't they sit through the worst and still come out victorious. but it would still be awesome to fly.. find something to occupy your time. dwelling on thing and thinking to much eats you away faster than time itself. go bowling or play games with friends or watch anime.. doing little stuff for people is better than not doing anything. if they know you are doing it. it could be a huge help for them even if you don't think so.
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hey umm I know this is after a lot linger you posted but I've been going in the same route for 3yrs and what the person said about road urs might get smooth but all I have is bumps
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I'm 2 weeks late but I'm still commenting. Look at the people commenting on your card (ignore that one douche bag comment, its totally uncalled for). You have the strength to reach out to people who may know you or have never even heard of you until they saw your card (reaching out takes a LOT of strength). I've been through that phase, hell I've actually had some really close calls with a cheese knife (yeah I laughed about the cheese knife too, what a way to go, suicide by cheese knife). You will always be loved no matter what, and there will always always always ALWAYS be someone out there that loves you, you just might not know it. Life is what you make of it, it's a journey filled with bumpy roads, steep mountains, and sharp turns. It's definitely a hard journey, but it's definitely worth it. If you ever need to talk, we're here for you. I'm here for you. Hey you know what! I may be a total stranger but I love you dude! You're a great human being going thru a rough patch but you still got people that'll love ya! No matter what, there's always someone out there even if you can't see them, don't worry! Their invisibility potion will wear off soon! Stay strong, you can make it!
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I want to thank everyone who made a supportive comment on this card, and opened up on here. None of you had to, none of you needed to talk about those events in your life. You all are great, and I can't thank you enough.
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Be strong it'll work out for the best @Namrow.
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