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K-Dramas For Beginners


If your new to the kdrama scene you need to watch this. It's light, quirky and to top it off it was done by the Hong Sisters (When you get into kdramas you'll hear ALOT about them and their quirky concepts).


This is a fun music filled drama and for anyone who has been in the kdrama scene long enough. They know that this is like the basic foundation for all the things you will see in your future dramas. Second Lead Syndrome (You've been warned), bad guy turns good, the evil girl tries to save her name in the end by doing some good and so on. I recommend this because my cousins who hated the so called 'chingchongs' fell in love with them. It's a must watch for anyone.
OK and last but not the least...


A MUST WATCH filled with sooo...much angst you'll be shocked at the level of emotions you have. This is the KING of Second Lead Syndrome (sniff sniff). This drama actually sums up kdramas in general and it has the famous amnesia added to it.
I hope you guys liked it. Don't get too overwhelmed and just sit back and enjoy the ride XD
@kpopandkimchi As one of my dear community members came up with this great idea I've done this.
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